This year's annual club beach shoot was held at Semaphore on Tuesday 11th Feb.

Shooting commenced from around 7pm and finished up soon after sunset. There were 4 models at the beach shoot for members to shoot; Jessica, Kirsty, Elize and Dotty. Fred Bray lead a beginner's group, teaching them how to use their cameras and how to photograph the models.

Thanks go out to the models who braved the initial heat and all those involved in organising the event. Having been a 42 degree day, it was actually quite pleasant down on the beach for the evening during the shoot. See below for a number of behind the scenes shots courtesy of Graham Taarnby.

For all members all attended, please remember to give a disc of your images to the treasurer to be passed back to the models.

You asked and we listened! The committee has responded to the positive feedback and requests after the success of the last software workshop by scheduling in a second software workshop for the year. This time around we will have 5 different stations set-up, each with a presenter demonstrating a different software suite and/or techniques. The presentations will consist of Barb Leopold demonstrating Elements, Dan Pangrazio demonstrating Lightroom; Suzanne Optiz demonstrating Photoshop CS5, Scott Carr demonstrating HDR with Photomatix, and Des Berwick demonstrating the 'freebies' (Gimp and/or Picasa). The intent is to have a rotational process whereby the demonstrations will occur separately and be repeated 3 times, allowing members to choose 3 of the demonstrations they would like to attend. This is the first time we've put forward such a setup so we are keen to hear your feedback after the night.

20120925 2 2012   Workshop: Software II
Dan's Lightroom presentation
20120925 1 2012   Workshop: Software II
Scott's HDR presentation

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The software workshop showcased some of the club's most creative photographers and how they go about creating their images through digital manipulation.

Barb Leopold began the session, explaining how she uses ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) to adjust her RAW images before working on them in Photoshop. Barb's notes from the presentation are available here.

Suzanne Opitz stepped us through the process she used in piecing together her image "Shades of the Past". An overview of Suzanne's tutorial can be found here.

Lastly, Jan Pudney walked us all through the process she followed in putting together her images "In the Woods" and "Check the Time". The tutorial for "In the Woods" is available as both notes here and on YouTube here. Jan's tutorial for "Check the Time" is also available as both notes here and on YouTube here

Thanks again to Barb, Suzanne and Jan for volunteering to share their creative processes and workflows with us.

About 40 members attended the Shadows workshop around the Adelaide Convention Centre. Unfortunately the sunlight did not cast strong shadows due to the haze from the Wingfield oil fire, so members experimented with their cameras and tried different shooting techniques. A great time was had by all and it was followed up with coffee at a local hotel.         

20120313 1 2012   Workshop: Shadows

20120313 2 2012   Workshop: Shadows

20120313 3 2012   Workshop: Shadows

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This year's beach photoshoot was held around the jetty at Semaphore from 7pm onwards.

Though the heat from last week was nowhere to be seen, we managed to avoid the rain and storms of the last few days. It did get a bit gusty at times and was a bit chilly once the sun had hidden behind the clouds on the horizon. Nevertheless, the models perservered and a fun evening was had by all.
There were 8 models who attended the workshop this year and those were Stefania, Erin, Jodie, Susan, Daria, Alyssa, Monica and Kate. This allowed for smaller groups with each of the models and gave everyone more opportunity to direct and interact with the models.

20120131 1 2012   Beach Photoshoot   Semaphore

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The available light workshop was held outside the art gallery on North Terrace, Adelaide.

Some miscommunications with the models resulted in the La Bomba dancers arriving half an hour after the 6:30pm start, however members occupied themselves in the mean time by taking photos of one another and Carly (a local make-up artist interested in collaborating with local photographers to expand her portfolio) stepped in to fill a modelling role before the La Bomba dancers arrived.

The La Bomba dancers, Susan and Kleo, both managed to attend the workshop on short notice, giving members an opportunity to use the last of the available light.

Fred Bray, an experienced ACC member and photographer, was also on hand to provide beginners with some pointers on how to set-up and use their cameras correctly.

20111122 1 2011   Workshop   La Bomba Dancers
20111122 2 2011   Workshop   La Bomba Dancers
20111122 3 2011   Workshop   La Bomba Dancers
20111122 4 2011   Workshop   La Bomba Dancers
20111122 5 2011   Workshop   La Bomba Dancers
20111122 6 2011   Workshop   La Bomba Dancers
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