Submit Entries

All competition entries must now be submitted online prior on the Friday night to the night before the competition. Both prints and digital images must be registered/entered online via the PhotoCompSoftware tool below. Yes, you will have to supply a digital image even though you are entering a printed image. This image will be displayed on the screen for the audience to view while the judge critiques you actual print. Initially you will be asked to enter your name and email address (the one you used to register with the Adelaide Camera Club). Then you should select the competition you wish to enter in the box below and upload your images and enter a title for each image.
From May 2024 the image size should be no larger than 3840 x 2160 pixels (Horizontal x Vertical) and a maximum file size of 8Mb.
Please consult with the following How to mat prints and follow the electronic questionaire/entry form below.
Entries can be reviewed and modified in all competitions, right up to the closing date and time, after which no changes can be made with the online system.
You will find that the site below allows entries into remaining monthly competitions for this year.
If you have any issues or questions in relation to the submission process, or the online tool, please send an email to and we will attempt to answer your questions.