2012 – Workshop: Software II

You asked and we listened! The committee has responded to the positive feedback and requests after the success of the last software workshop by scheduling in a second software workshop for the year. This time around we will have 5 different stations set-up, each with a presenter demonstrating a different software suite and/or techniques. The presentations will consist of Barb Leopold demonstrating Elements, Dan Pangrazio demonstrating Lightroom; Suzanne Optiz demonstrating Photoshop CS5, Scott Carr demonstrating HDR with Photomatix, and Des Berwick demonstrating the 'freebies' (Gimp and/or Picasa). The intent is to have a rotational process whereby the demonstrations will occur separately and be repeated 3 times, allowing members to choose 3 of the demonstrations they would like to attend. This is the first time we've put forward such a setup so we are keen to hear your feedback after the night.

20120925 2 2012   Workshop: Software II
Dan's Lightroom presentation
20120925 1 2012   Workshop: Software II
Scott's HDR presentation

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