The club conducts meetings regularly in North Adelaide with competitions, practicals, workshops and social weekends planned. Visitors to the club are always welcome. Please feel free to drop in one night .

Meetings are held at the rear of 176 Tynte Street, North Adelaide (behind the North Adelaide Library and alongside the North Adelaide Post Office) on the second, fourth and fifth Tuesday of each month (excluding Jan & Dec) and typically start at 7:30pm.

Each year the committee tries to make a programme that caters for all it's members. There are workshops and field trips to improve your photographic skills, talks from experienced photographers and competitions for those who are inclined. We encourage all members to enter our monthly competitions, as these are good forums to hear constructive appraisals of your work from independent judges. Please refer to the current programme for details and our page on how to prepare images and submit them for competition.

In 2017 the Club entered the FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique) Clubs' World Cup competition.  There were clubs from 41 countries, who between them submitted over 2,000 images for judging.  The Adelaide Camera Club gained a creditable 20th position in a field of 201 clubs who participated.

If you are interested in joining the club, then please come along to any of the meetings at the clubrooms and take a look. Introduce yourself to any of the committee members (they will be wearing committee badges) and they will be pleased to answer any questions that you have.

The Club Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 24th. October 2017 and your committee for the next 12 months is:-
President:  Julie Deer
Vice President:  Martin Newland
Secretary:  Ruth Benson
Treasurer:  Chris Woods
Committee:  Terry Gooley, Terry Mosel, Peter Barrien, Rodney Hutchinson, Ross Lange, Penny Black, Fred Tiong, Mark Stevens

 Come and see the Adelaide Camera Club images on the big screen  at the Capri Theatre on Monday 11 June

All members of the Adelaide Camera Club, and friends, are invited to attend the next monthly meeting of the Theatre Organ Society (TOSA) held at the Capri Theatre 141 Goodwood Road Goodwood starting from 7.15pm on Monday 11th June. Visitors are admitted free of charge.

The evening’s theme is “Colour my World”.  Images submitted by ACC members will be shown on the big screen at various times during the evening as background images to music played by members of TOSA, either on the theatre organ or grand piano.

View images taken by your fellow members and enjoy popular music from stage and screen.

I look forward to seeing you on the night.

 Phototour: Laratinga Wetlands at Mt Barker, Saturday 23 June 2018
Meet in the main carpark Bald Hills Rd, Mt. Barker at 9:00am

Speelite (Flash) workshop at Total Photographics, Tuesday 26 June 2018
(10 College St. KENT TOWN at 6:30pm)

This workshop is a practical hands-on using your own Electronic Flash unit and, if you own one, a simple remote trigger device.
One or two flash units (Canon/Nikon compatible) may be available for use on the night but the workshop is really for members who own a flash unit or intend to buy one soon. Everyone attending is expected to actively participate.
It is intended to form several work groups and you should bring some inanimate object(s) to photograph. There will be no models/studio lights as the focus is on making better use of your equipment. The use of studio lights will not be covered in this session.
If you really must bring a tripod leave it in the car as it will probably not be needed and has the potential to cause equipment accidents or simply get in the way.
It is intended to cover :-
(1) When to use manual modes and when to use auto modes.
(2) Remote triggering devices (radio, infrared, cables etc)
(3) Commander mode on your camera
(4) Triggering multiple flash
(5) Use of flash as main light source
(6) Use of flash as a fill light
(7) Lighting ratios
(8) Flash meters
(9) Advice and information about camera brand flash units vs cheaper, reliable alternatives.
Please contact Rodney on Mob 0487030114 if you require further information.

What is happening in June 2018?

June 11
Visual Extravaganza : "Colour My World" Your images set to music Capri Cinema, 141 Goodwood Rd.  Free Entry.
Starts 7:15pm
June 12 Competition: Set Subject: Nature/Wildlife North Adelaide Community Centre
 June  23
 Nature shoot at Laratinga Wetlands, Mt Barker  Meet in the main carpark Bald Hills Rd, Mt. Barker at 9:00am  Bring long lens, wide angle lens, camera, tripod
 June 26 WORKSHOP: Speedlite (flash) Night  6:30pm at
Total Photographics,
10 College St,
KENT TOWN  sa 5067
Bring your camera, flash/es, triggers etc, if you have one/them