2012 – Workshop: Software

The software workshop showcased some of the club's most creative photographers and how they go about creating their images through digital manipulation.

Barb Leopold began the session, explaining how she uses ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) to adjust her RAW images before working on them in Photoshop. Barb's notes from the presentation are available here.

Suzanne Opitz stepped us through the process she used in piecing together her image "Shades of the Past". An overview of Suzanne's tutorial can be found here.

Lastly, Jan Pudney walked us all through the process she followed in putting together her images "In the Woods" and "Check the Time". The tutorial for "In the Woods" is available as both notes here and on YouTube here. Jan's tutorial for "Check the Time" is also available as both notes here and on YouTube here

Thanks again to Barb, Suzanne and Jan for volunteering to share their creative processes and workflows with us.