2022 Calendar

Meeting Times

Meetings are held on the second, fourth and fifth Tuesdays of each month (excepting late December and early January allowing for the Christmas/New Year break). Meetings are from 7:30pm (Print Registration 7:15 - 7:30pm) until 10:00pm at The Nailsworth Community Centre, 31 D'Erlanger Ave, Collinswood, SA 5081unless otherwise specified.
At this time (5th. January 2022) we have had to cancel the proposed indoor Face to Face meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions. These meetings will be replaced by Zoom meetings. We will be in touch via email with details on how to join the Zoom meetings.

Meeting Programme

The programme for the coming year is outlined below. Some dates and activities may change because of COVID-19 restrictions or additional information added as it becomes available during the year, so check regularly to keep up to date. Definitions for the Set Subject competitions are at the bottom of the calendar or just click the link for each topic. Please make yourself familiar with the specifics for each Set Subject.

Link to Competition Entry Page

11    Welcome / Presentation  :  Welcome back & To Be Advised.
16 (Sunday) Photo Shoot /Field Trip: Afternoon visit to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens
25   Presentation:  Zoom meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions - "What Can You Do with a Photo in Post?" Presenter: To Be confirmed.
26   Australia Day Parade ??

8    Photo Shoot /Field Trip: Beach shoot at Grange Beach (6:15pm for a 6:30pm start)
22  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Wabi Sabi
TBA  Photo Shoot /Field Trip:
Old Tailem Town, Tailem Bend.

Presentation: "Infrared plus"   Presenter :  Tom Taylor
22  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Group of three
13  SAPF Annual Exhibition entries close
29  Presentation: "Street Photography,"   Presenter: Alan Branch
TBA  Photo Shoot /Field Trip: "Light Painting,"  Presenter: To be confirmed

12  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Old Tailem Town Club Trip in February of this year.
26   Presentation: "How to photograph birds" presenter: To be confirmed
30  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Lou Marafioti Birds at Sandy Creek

10  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Show us your curves
TBA     SAPF Exhibition: Burnside Civic Centre and a second exhibition Port Adelaide Plaza Shopping Centre, 200 Commercial Road Port Adelaide.
24  SPECIAL CLUB COMPETITION:  John Addison Memorial Trophy and the Lou Marafioti Trophy
TBA: Photo Shoot /Field Trip: Night Photography (to be confirmed)

14 CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Bird Behavior
28   Presentation: "PJ/My Journey" Presenter:  Tony Lewis
TBA  Field Trip: Visit to the Art Gallery of South Australia

TBA  Photo Shoot /Field Trip: Illuminate Adelaide
12  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Action
26  Presentation: "Light Painting the Still Life"  Presenter: Mark Stevens

1 - 31  SALA exhibition at Capri Theatre
INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: Adelaide Camera Club vs Fordingbridge (UK) 
23  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Textures
30  Workshop: "Water Drops and creative photos."  Presenter: Russell Flower
TBA  FIELD TRIP:  Reflections - To Be advised

13  SPECIAL CLUB COMPETITION: Eric Robertson Trophy
27  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject:
TBA Photo Shoot /Field Trip: Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens
TBA   INTERCLUB COMPETITION: Adelaide Camera Club vs Para Camera Club

 TBA  Photo Shoot /Field Trip: To be advised
11 SPECIAL CLUB COMPETITION: Iris Millikan Trophy & Vince Calo Trophy
24   (Monday 11:59 pm) Closing date and time for entering the Club Annual Exhibition. This must be done online through the normal Link to Competition Entry Page before midnight.
25  Annual General Meeting & Last opportunity to deliver prints to the committee for the Club Annual Exhibition + International Club competition with Pikes Peak (USA) Camera Club.

8   CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Abstract
22  Photo Shoot /Field Trip:  Available light shoot Time & Location "To Be Advised."
TBA    Field Trip:  "Three day horse event."
29  Presentation: "Composition in Seascapes: Constructing the Image" Presenter: Dean Cooper

13  The Annual Exhibition awards night

*Annual Exhibition: Special topic:  To be advised



Bird Behaviour
We are looking for images illustrating the various behaviours of birds.  Wading, nest building, flying, feeding and bathing are some examples. Not including birds sitting still.

Take a subject and force the viewer to look at it in a different way.  Depict a visual image that does not have an immediate association with an object.

Curves can be found in nature, on buildings, people and abstracts.  Show us where you found some curves, which should be the predominant feature of the image.

Reflections can be found in many places.  Maybe you can find something that is unusual.

Illustrate Action by shooting at a slower shutter speed  to blur or pan, or at a faster shutter speed to freeze the action.

An image that depicts the texture of an object, ie the feel, appearance or consistency of a surface or substance.  The main focus of the image should be the texture.

Group of Three
Compose an image comprised of some sort of trio-based grouping.

Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi is the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, or incomplete.  The image should convey this definition.
NOTE: This does not include imperfect photographic technique.

Tailem Town
Any image taken at the Tailem Town ACC club field trip in 2022.