2024 Calendar

Meeting Times

Meetings are held on the second, fourth and fifth Tuesdays of each month (excepting late December and early January allowing for the Christmas/New Year break). Meetings are from 7:30pm (Print Registration 7:15 - 7:30pm) until 10:00pm at The Nailsworth Community Centre, 31 D'Erlanger Ave, Collinswood, SA 5081unless otherwise specified.
                                      Amended: 22/5/2024

9  Welcome to the New Year and a review of the 2024 program, followed by a presentation by Jed Dobre (son of Pete Dobre) on equipment, drones and his photography
Sat 20  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Field Trip - Adelaide Art Gallery. This is a guided walk through the gallery, focusing on the use of light by artists
23  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject:  Abandoned
Fri 26  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Australia Parade Shoot - start at Pinky Flat; time TBA
30  PRESENTATION: Presented by John Hodgson: The Beach Shoot - how to be successful! (including working with models, managing the light, etc)

13  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Annual Beach Shoot at Grange Beach. Meet by the jetty at 6pm
27  CLUB COMPETITION:Set subject:  Stairs/staircases/escalators.

12  WORKSHOP: Perception - what's in a photo? 
Sat 16  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: We will meet at a place to be advised at 6:15pm.  From there we will wander taking some Golden Hour photos before the dark settles in.  Don't forget to bring your tripod!
26  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Water

9    WORKSHOP: A deeper dive into Post Processing (basic and intermediate). Mark O'Reilly will give a beginners presentation on post-processing in one room, and Peter Barrien will give a presentation entitled "Post processing in Lightroom using masking - can you do away with Photoshop?"
Sat 13  Photo Shoot/Field Trip:  Photographic Treasure Hunt.  We will do this in small groups. You will be given clues to venues and a list of photos that you need to take at that venue.  This event will start with a coffee and chat at Cafe Brunelli in the east end of Rundle St (next to Diamonds) at 10:00am.
23  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Fire or Heat
30  WORKSHOP: Presentation by Stephen Watts - "All things flash photography."

Sat 4  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Medieval and Rare Trades Festival at Gumeracha
14    CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Night photography
28  SPECIAL CLUB COMPETITION:  John Addison Memorial Trophy and the Lou Marafioti Trophy (Marafioti panoramic print only)

11  WORKSHOP/PRESENTATION: Creating winning landscapes. Presented by Peter Barrien, John Hodgson and Don Owers discussing the how's, where's and why's of composition and post production of landscapes, followed by an open discussion.
Sat 15  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Architecture north of the Terrace - unconventional perspectives
25  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Machinery

ZOOM PRENTATION: Presenter Len Metcalf - "Finding Your Mojo (creativity lens)"
Sat 13  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Motor Bike Trials
23  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Action
30   PRESENTATION: "Creative Techniques in Archtectural photography" - Mark Stevens

1-31 Adelaide Camera Club SALA Exhibition at Capri Theatre
Sat 24  WORKSHOP: At Nailsworth Community Centre - Using studio lighting  
27  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Architecture north of the Terrace - unconventional perspectives

10  SPECIAL CLUB COMPETITION: Iris Millikan Trophy for creative photography & Vince Calo Trophy for B Grade Portraiture.
Sat 14  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Mannum Waterfalls
24  CLUB COMPETITION: Long Exposure 

SPECIAL CLUB COMPETITION: Eric Robertson Trophy for Portraiture
Sat 12 Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Wittunga Botanic Gardens, Blackwood
22  Annual General Meeting + INTERNATIONAL INTERCLUB: Pikes Peak (USA) + Entry portal for Annual Exhibition closes
29  WORKSHOP: Freezing motion of liquids with flash

Sat 9   Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Laratinga Wetlands, Mount Barker
12  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Botanicals
26  Photo Shoot/Field Trip:  Available Light shoot(Cosplay or Cultural shoot)

10  Annual Exhibition

Annual Special Topic: TBA

 Definitions for the set subjects

Your image should convey the idea or reality of once used or owned, but now disused or abandoned object(s), person(s), animal(s), building(s) or even landscapes. They often stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time and can evoke a sense of mystery, nostalgia or even unease.

Stairs/Staircases or Escalators
Your image must contain stairs, or a staircase or escalator. People can be part of this image. Interesting composition, perspective or story will be given higher weight in the judging.

Your image must in some way depict, or convey the concept of, water. This subject definition is very broad to provide maximum scope for interpretation. Water may be still or in motion, contained or free, closeup or landcape or seascape. However a key subject of the image must in some way be - well - wet!

Your image must capture a subject or subjects in motion, and should clearly depict the action or movement This subject is not about intentional camera movement unless this is part of capturing a subject in motion (e..g. panning).

Night Photography
Your image must be captured well after sunset or before sunrise, and cannot be an artificially lit indoor scene. Apart from that, any subject, scene or composition is permissible. Minor sunset/sunrise sky colour is permissible but should in no way predominate.

Your image must encompass a part, whole or a group of devices with some sort of function - ie. a machine. This may be a still life, artistic, architectural or engineering study, machinery in motion, etc. The machinery function, scope, use or operation should be depicted or implied in some way. Hand tools with no moving parts are not part of this definition. Electronic machines may be photographed, but more usually this subject pertains to mechanical devices with moving parts.

Architecture North of the Terrace - Unconventional Perspectives
This a novel subject, working hand in hand with a field trip. Your image must be an architectural image depicting a building, buildings, or part of a building or construction, in the area north of North Terrace, from the new Adelaide hospital to East Terrace, and south of the river Torrens (not including the Botanic Gardens or the Zoo). Unconventional, exceptional or novel compositions are the order of the day, and will be given higher weight in the judging. There will be a curated field trip on the 15th June.

Fire or Heat
Your image should show or include fire or the effects of fire as a key subject within the image. Alternately, the image may depict or imply heat in some form.

Long Exposure
Your image must have been captured with an extended exposure time, with the longer exposure effects clearly evident in the image. For example, flowing water or a waterfall must demostrate longer exposure water movement; or cloudy sky must show cloud movement, or night skies revealing details only possible with long exposures (e.g. the Milky Way), etc. As a guideline, exposure times will generally be from 1/4 second to 3 minutes. Longer exposures in daylight will likely require the use of neutral density filters.

Your image must include a botanical subject or subjects, and may depict an entire plant ot tree, or flowers, leaves, stems, and other botanical features. Unlike a nature subject, these may be any plant species. Non-botanical items may be included in the image, but these must not predominate.