About Us


Serving amateur photographers in the Adelaide area of South Australia, the Adelaide Camera Club caters to all levels of expertise and encourages development in all aspects of the art of photography.

There are a variety of workshops, competitions and other activities throughout the year. The club has a friendly and informal atmosphere, a progressive approach and welcomes guests.


Founded in 1899, the Adelaide Camera Club is the oldest camera club in South Australia. The aim of the club is to promote and encourage amateur photographers in all aspects of the art of photography.

Meeting Times

The camera club meets every second, fourth and fifth (if there is one) Tuesday of each month (excepting late December and early January allowing for the Christmas/New Year break). Typically the second Tuesday is set aside for workshops and the fourth Tuesday for competitions. Special trophy competitions are typically held on the fifth Tuesday.

Meetings are from 7:30pm until around 10:00pm, unless otherwise indicated. Club members are at the clubrooms from 7:15pm.


Meetings are held at:-
Nailsworth Community Centre
31 D'Erlanger Ave,
Collinswood  SA

On and Off-street parking is available.

Workshops and competitions are held at this location, but some other events are not. Please refer to the Programme for details.


We currently have roughly 80 members spanning a range of ages and professions. If you think that camera club members are all over fifty, they aren't in this club! About half of our members are in the 20 to 35 age group. We actively seek younger recruits, whilst retaining the vast experience of our more senior members.

The club has two levels of membership.

  • "B" grade. Inexperienced or novice members.
  • "A" grade. Experienced members.

New members generally start in "B" grade and work their way to "A" grade through achievements in competitions. Alternatively, new members may apply for "A" grade status by submission to the committee.

Areas of Interest

The club has always had a strong tradition of portrait photography, and a number of workshops relate to this area. The club maintains a link with a model agency for the supply of models for club workshops in exchange for photographic prints.

Equally important is the aim of encouraging the art of photography, regardless of the subject matter. To achieve this aim, competition subjects are selected for their diversity and for their ability to encourage artistic creativity. Generally, competitions allow entries for both set subject (the competition theme) and open subject (any theme) categories.


Judges from outside the club critique and award points to all competition entries. Entries are judged on both their technical and artistic merits.

It is important to note is that competitions are not purely a point gathering exercise. Their main aim is to promote an exchange of ideas whilst learning from the experience of other members. An important aspect of our club is to try to ensure that while attempting to achieve a high level of excellence, we don't lose sight of the reason for taking photos - pleasure!

The Adelaide Camera Club's approach to vaccinations and the Coronavirus Pandemic

We encourage all members to become fully vaccinated for their own good health and for the good health of others.