2023 Calendar

Meeting Times

Meetings are held on the second, fourth and fifth Tuesdays of each month (excepting late December and early January allowing for the Christmas/New Year break). Meetings are from 7:30pm (Print Registration 7:15 - 7:30pm) until 10:00pm at The Nailsworth Community Centre, 31 D'Erlanger Ave, Collinswood, SA 5081unless otherwise specified.

Updated: 16th. July 2023

10 WELCOME BACK: Bring your favourite photos for comment
24 PRESENTATION: Black and White Photography plus Infrared with Keith Seidel

11 Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Marrabell Bull Ride14 WORKSHOP: Beach Shoot: Grange Beach 6:15pm
28 CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Shadows.

Photo Shoot/Field Trip: (Fringe Activity) Meet 5pm at Malls Balls (Street Photography focus)
14   PRESENTATION: How to create a Triptych image: John Hodgson + “Creating Images for Competition”
28  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Human or Animal Action

3      SAPF Annual Exhibition entries open
11    PRESENTATION: Landscape with Dylan Toh
25  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject:  Triptych
30  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Seascape shoot at Marino Rocks. We meet Peter Barrien at the northern end of Marino Rocks at the end of the Esplanade at 4:15pm: Marino Rocks · Marino SA 5049, Australia

9    CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Street Photography
20  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Adelaide Zoo: Meet 9:30am main gate
23  SPECIAL CLUB COMPETITION:  John Addison Memorial Trophy and the Lou Marafioti Trophy (Marafioti panoramic print only)
30  WORKSHOP: Light Painting the Still Life with Mark Stevens


13  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: People at Play
24  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Surfing at Middleton
27   PRESENTATION: Portraits with Lou Marafioti
30   SAPF Annual Exhibition entries close

11  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Still Life
(Please bring your prints for the SALA Exhibition to the hall)
23 (Sunday)  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Illuminate Adelaide meet on the corner of Gawler Place and Rundle Mall (Silver Pigeon) at 4:30pm
25  PRESENTATION: Creative Photography with Ed Douglas. Ed likes to thinks of himself more of a sculptor and designer whose medium is photography, rather than a photographer per se. You can see more of his bio and work at https://www.eddouglas.com.au

1-31 Adelaide Camera Club SALA Exhibition at Capri Theatre
Photo Shoot/Field Trip: People/Model Shoot - Botanic Park. Meet at "The Friends Gate on Plane Tree drive, Hackney for at 10:00am Shoot
8   INTERNATIONAL INTERCLUB: Fordingbridge (UK) + Light Painting in the Park.
22  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: More than Two
29  PRESENTATIONS & DISCUSSION: Three different views on photography + Your suggestions for next year's programme.

9    Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Laratinga Wetlands, Mt Barker at 8:30am. Meet in the Bald Hills Road car park.
12  SPECIAL CLUB COMPETITION: Eric Robertson Trophy for Portraiture
21  SAPF Presentation night
26  PRESENTATION: Audio Visuals with David Shetliffe
TBA   SAPF Annual Exhibition Presentation Night

10  SPECIAL CLUB COMPETITION: Iris Millikan Trophy for creative photography & Vince Calo Trophy for B Grade Portraiture.
21  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Moon Lantern Trail TBA
23   CLOSING: Entry portal for Annual Exhibition closes
24  Annual General Meeting + INTERNATIONAL INTERCLUB: Pikes Peak (USA)
(Last chance to deliver Annual Exhibition prints)
31  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Geometry (Lines, Circles etc)

14  CLUB COMPETITION: Set subject: Nature in Your Neighbourhood
18  Photo Shoot/Field Trip: Model shoot
28  End of Year Celebration: At the hall. Please bring a plate

12  Annual Exhibition

Definitions for the set subjects

Shadows showing contrast and patterns:
An image incorporating shadows which contrast with the surroundings and creates patterns. The objects or people casting the shadows can be included but should not be the dominating element. The artistic or creative elements should be the predominant consideration in judging this image.

Human or Animal Action
An image depicting a person or animal, or people, or animals involved in movement.

A single framing, comprising three images, which together tell a story or illustrate an artistic concept. 

Street Photography
Street photography is photography conducted for art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places. The strength of the story told by the image should be the predominant consideration in judging.

People at Play
An image that depicts a person or people in the act of enjoying themselves. For example the image may depict people playing a sport, relaxing, engaged in discourse, etc.

Still Life
Still life photography is the artistic depiction of objects at rest, most typically a small grouping of objects. In this particular case, it may also include botanical subjects (typically flowers but not live animals) either arranged or isolated on a plant.

More than Two
An image that depicts a grouping of three or more elements within a particular environment to form an artistic whole. The elements should be related (though not necessarily identical).

An image where geometrical elements predominate; e.g. circles, triangles, lines, etc. The elements may be man-made or found in nature.

Nature in Your Neighbourhood
An image of an animal or plant photographed within your neighbourhood. In this case, household pets are not allowed, but cultivated plants are allowed.