2018 Calendar

Meeting Times

Meetings are held on the second, fourth and fifth Tuesdays of each month (excepting late December and early January allowing for the Christmas/New Year break). Meetings are from 7:30pm until around 10:00pm at the North Adelaide Community Centre (NACC) unless otherwise specified.

Meeting Programme

The programme for the coming year is outlined below with monthly competitions and activities. Some dates and activities may change from time to time or additional information may be added as it comes to hand during the year, so check back regularly to keep up to date. Definitions for the Set Subject competitions are outlined too, so scroll down and make yourself familiar with the specifics for each Set Subject.

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January 9 Welcome/ Competitions explained/Pikes Peak (USA)
International Interclub Results
North Adelaide Community Centre
 Saturday 13 FIELD TRIP: Adelaide West End   On North Terrace under the Morphett St Bridge at 4:00pm Bring your Camera
23 WORKSHOP: Portraiture 101 with Keith Seidel North Adelaide Community Centre Bring your Camera & Tripod
26 FIELD TRIP: AUSTRALIA Day shoot (Victoria Square) Bring your Camera
30 FIELD TRIP: Beach Shoot, Glenelg Beach 6:30pm Glenelg Beach 6:30pm Bring your Camera & Tripod
February 13 Competition: Vince Calo Trophy for Portraiture (B Grade). North Adelaide Community Centre
16 FIELD TRIP: Fringe Festival activities Bring your Camera & Tripod
27 Competition: Set Subject: Botanical North Adelaide Community Centre
March 18 SAPF Entries Close Sunday 3:00pm
13 FIELD TRIP: (Adelaide Project Shoot) - Victoria Square at night Victoria Square. Sunset 7:30pm Bring your Camera & Tripod
24 FIELD TRIP: Surfing Middleton Beach led by Terry Mosel
(Bring a long lens)
Bring your Camera & Tripod
27 WORKSHOP: Post Production led by Peter Barrien North Adelaide Community Centre
April 10 Competition: Set Subject: City Scapes North Adelaide Community Centre
14 21 FIELD TRIP: Seascape Workshop led by Peter Barrien  Hallett Cove Bring your Camera & Tripod
24 GUEST SPEAKER: "Architectural Photography" with Robert Dettman North Adelaide Community Centre
May 8 Competition: Set Subject: Symmetry or Patterns North Adelaide Community Centre
SAPF Exhibition @ Hamra Centre
22 INTERCLUB: Pretoria (South Africa) International Interclub North Adelaide Community Centre
29 Competition: John Addison Trophy for Landscape/Seascape
And Lou Marafioti panoramic Landscape/Seascape Trophy
North Adelaide Community Centre
 TBA FIELD TRIP: Magpie Springs Winery (Photography Competition)
June 12 Competition: Set Subject: Nature/Wildlife North Adelaide Community Centre
 June  23  Nature shoot at Laratinga Wetlands, Mt Barker  Meet in the main carpark Bald Hills Rd, Mt. Barker at 9:00am  Bring your  long lens, wide angle lens, camera, tripod
 June 26 WORKSHOP: Speedlite (flash) Night  6:30pm at
Total Photographics,
10 College St,
KENT TOWN  sa 5067
Bring your camera, flash/es, triggers etc, if you have one/them
 July 10 Competition: Set Subject: Reflections North Adelaide Community Centre
 July 24 WORKSHOP: Visit to Atkins Photo Lab 7:00pm at
89 Fullarton Road
Kent Town SA 5067
 July 31  Competition: Eric Robertson Trophy for Portraiture
August 14 INTERCLUB: Ringwood (UK) and Pikes Peak (USA) International Interclub North Adelaide Community Centre
 August 28 Competition: Set Subject: Within the Adelaide Square Mile North Adelaide Community Centre
September 11  FIELD TRIP: Evening Photo Shoot  Meet at the "Mall's Balls" in Rundle Mall at 6:30pm  Bring your Camera, flash & Tripod
 September Wednesday
Competition: Para CC Interclub competition at 7:30pm  PETER BADCOE VC complex
Building 200 off East Ave, Edinburgh SA 5111.
Instructions & Map of how to get there
  For those with GPS, head for Taranaki Rd intersection with East Ave, Edinburgh, SA
Please Note:
East Ave from Bellchambers Rd to Taranaki Rd is a NO THROUGH ROAD and the venue cannot be approached from this direction.
  11th   to  16th   APSCON : Gold Coast, Queensland
 September 25 WORKSHOP - Show us your images from the Club events this year. North Adelaide Community Centre
 October 9 Competition: Set Subject: Night Photography North Adelaide Community Centre
 October  20 FIELD TRIP: Cleland Wildlife Park
 Download the park map.
Note there is an entrance fee for an Adult group (per adult, min 10 people) $21.00.
Bring your Camera & Tripod
 October 23 Annual General Meeting, Entries close for the Club Annual Exhibition,
talk by John Hodgson on Audio Visual (AV)
North Adelaide Community Centre
 October 30 Competition: Iris Millikan Trophy North Adelaide Community Centre
 November  3-4 FIELD TRIP: Weekend trip to Burra led by Rodney Hutchinson Details of the Burra Field trip Bring your Camera & Tripod
 November 13 Competition: Set Subject: Street Photography North Adelaide Community Centre
 November  17  Nature shoot at Laratinga Wetlands, Mt Barker  Meet in the main carpark Bald Hills Rd, Mt. Barker at 8:00am  Bring your  long lens, wide angle lens, camera, tripod
 November 27 FIELD TRIP: Available Light Photo shoot Bring your Camera & Tripod
December 11 Annual Exhibition @ Hamra Centre Hamra Centre


Night Photography
Subjects photographed at night, any subject as long it is taken outside during the hours of darkness. May include long exposure, buildings, star trails, astro-photography or any subject photographed at night. Sunsets or sunrises are not acceptable.

An image in which the reflection of a subject provides the centre of interest. The reflection may be produced by water, windows, metal etc.  Reflections created using photo editing software are not acceptable.

City Scapes
The urban equivalent of a landscape, a cityscape (or townscape) depicts the built form and shape of a city or town (or one of its parts) through general or broad views of buildings and/or streets by the use of composition and light. Architectural detail images of one (or more) buildings are not considered cityscapes.

Symmetry or Patterns
Symmetry is where an image can be separated into two equal parts (either horizontally or vertically). Both of the separate parts of the image should then look identical .

Patterns: An image where a series of the same or similar element are repeated, such as line, colour, shape, texture.

Within the "Square Mile" of Adelaide (Bounded by and within the Four Terraces)
PLEASE NOTE that this is different to the Adelaide Project as this set subject is restricted to inside the four terraces.
A photograph of the City of Adelaide where the subject lies within the boundary of all four terraces (defined by the centreline of the terraces) of the city of Adelaide, namely North, South, East and West Terraces. An image taken from within the Terraces looking outwards would not be accepted.
Not accepted: The Parklands, Adelaide Oval, The buildings on the northern side of North Terrace. eg the State Library, The Museum, Parliament House, Government House etc, SAHMRI, new RAH, The new University medical buildings, Adelaide University, Anything pertaining to The River Torrens, The Fringe Festival Parade.
Accepted. Uni SA City West campus, Rundle Mall, Hindley Street. Any of the five squares within the Four Terraces.   Activities in Victoria Square.

Botanical photography is used to depict plants accurately with respect to their form and color, providing relevant information documenting plant morphology and function.

Street Photography
Street photography records un-posed scenes in public places. The primary subject is people and/or symbols of people alone or with others, going about their everyday activities. Manipulation should be confined to colour correction and judicial cropping.

Nature and Wildlife
Nature photography is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict all branches of natural history, except anthropology and archaeology, in such a fashion that a well-informed person will be able to identify the subject material and certify its honest presentation. The story telling value of a photograph must be weighed more than the pictorial quality, while maintaining high technical quality. Human elements shall not be present, except where those human elements are integral parts of the nature story such as nature subjects, like barn owls or storks, adapted to an environment modified by humans, or where those human elements are in situations depicting natural forces, like hurricanes or tidal waves. Scientific bands, scientific tags or radio collars on wild animals are permissible. Photographs of human created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domestic animals, or mounted specimens are ineligible, as is any form of manipulation that alters the truth of the photographic statement.

No techniques that add, relocate, replace, or remove pictorial elements except by cropping are permitted. Techniques that enhance the presentation of the photograph without changing the nature of the story or the pictorial content, or without altering the content of the original scene are permitted, including HDR, focus stacking and dodging/burning. Techniques that remove elements added by the camera, such as dust spots, digital noise, and film scratches, are allowed. Stitched images are not permitted. All allowed adjustments must appear natural.
Colour images can be converted to grey-scale monochrome. Infrared images, either direct- capture or derivations, are not allowed.
No distinction is made between “wildlife” and other images fitting the above definition in this competition.